Escaping sports just isn't possible, even while on vacation

of the HeraldJuly 2, 2014 

Sports is my life. Like my Twitter account says, either I’m writing about sports, playing sports or watching sports.

This was evident while I was on my yearly three-day weekend trip to Reno with my buddies John Ball, Aaron Woitas and Shawn Peake in late June. This was our fifth excursion to the self proclaimed “Biggest Little City” in the world, but it was the first time we’ve ever stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort. The resort had a wealth of amenities including an indoor bowling alley and an outdoor driving range. The range, which had four island greens surrounded by water, was one of the coolest driving facilities I have ever encountered. Despite taking close to 90 swings, I wasn’t able to land any of my shots on the floating greens, which were spread across a large amount of distances. Woitas and I created a proverbial NBA style seven-shot series to see who could hit the ball farther. We played two seven-shot series, which I ended up losing both times, 4-2.

Following the driving range, our group boarded a taxi and made our way to downtown for the Reno Aces Triple-A minor league baseball game. The Aces Ballpark, which opened in 2009, is a beautiful baseball facility and mirrors Tacoma’s Cheney Stadium in a lot of ways. Both are beautiful places to watch a baseball game and consume the standard baseball stadium food. All four of us skipped dinner before the game and ended up devouring two sizable hot dogs each before the first pitch had even been thrown.

Before each of us made our treks back to our respective hometowns at the conclusion of the weekend, one of my friends mentioned the obvious fact that I’m obsessed with sports. He is 100 percent correct. I couldn’t resist going to a baseball game, spending a large amount of time at the hotel’s sportsbook, hitting golf balls as hard as I could at the range or watching the U.S. soccer team’s World Cup game against Portugal on TV at the pool. The next time I go on a vacation I will probably repeat the same pattern yet again. The type of sports and venue may change, but my love of sports isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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