'Title Town' continues its celebration of three championships

South Hill RAM restaurant hosts celebration for Puyallup fastpitch, baseball and golf teams

Staff writerJune 18, 2014 

The Puyallup Vikings’ state championship trophies in fastpitch, baseball and golf were proudly displayed near the entrance of the South Hill RAM restaurant June 12 for an unforgettable community celebration.

South Hill RAM hosted “Champions Night” to congratulate all three teams on their state championships in the Class 4A Division in late May. RAM managers Diane Williams and Mark Patterson were thrilled about hosting the party for Vikings players, coaches, fans, family members and friends. The entire eatery was packed to the brim.

“We embrace the community,” Williams said. “We celebrate with them. This is a really exciting thing for Puyallup and for The RAM as well. It is exciting for everybody involved.”

Patterson echoed Williams’ sentiment.

“What they accomplished was amazing,” he said. “This is our way of saying thank you to the players and coaches. There have been a few great celebrations, one (pep assembly) on campus and the parade, but nobody has been able to get up close and personal. We do celebrations like this for different entities like youth sports teams and things like that, but to be able to do something on a scale like this is pretty cool.”

A portion of sales from the event were donated to Puyallup High School.

Puyallup School District athletic director Rick Wells said the support the community has shown for the trio of championship teams over the past two weeks has been incredible.

“It is special to have three championships in one season at one (Class) 4A high school,” Wells said. “I don’t think that has been done before. It is a tribute to our coaching staff’s expertise and their ability to work with kids. To the athletes who put forth the championship performances, what it really shows is primary evidence in the Puyallup School District that education doesn’t stop at the classroom. It also spreads to events and activities. Athletics teach people about teamwork, dedication, determination and commitment. It’s a great opportunity for our student athletes to grow and become great citizens.”

Puyallup School District superintendent Tim Yeomans was proud of the way the Vikings championship teams carried themselves during their title runs.

“I think the piece that is so remarkable about that is not just the accomplishments of the teams, but the way they went about it,” Yeomans said. “They were all about doing things the right way. When you watched them in practice, they practiced the right way and when you watched them in games, they conducted themselves in the right manner. It always impresses me to see that.”

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