Police resurrect apartment managers’ meeting

Group to come together every other month to keep communication flowing

Staff writerApril 2, 2014 

When Lisa Isaacs returned to the Puyallup Police Department as its crime prevention specialist, she brought back the apartment managers’ networking meeting.

On Feb. 26, about 15 managers who represent a dozen properties came together at Willow Springs Apartments to share information, ask questions and learn more about crime prevention.

“It was a very good turnout,” Puyallup Police Capt. Scott Engle said. “It’s an awesome opportunity working with those managing apartment communities, rentals and duplexes. It’s good that they receive timely information when we’re on their property, dealing with some of their tenants. A lot of times, they have questions about what they’re dealing with involving the law on their properties.”

Pierce County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jake Gregor and Puyallup Police Sgt. Dan Pashon also attended.

“We get managers outside of the city, so it’s always nice to have Pierce County represented,” Engle said.

The meeting wasn’t a direct response to a rise in crime, Engle said.

“Crime is lower (at Puyallup apartments) than what you might expect,” he said. “We have very proactive apartment managers in the area. They do good tenant screening and good environmental design.”

Some crime-deterring aspects include incorporating good lighting on properties, keeping shrubs cut back for better visibility and ensuring overall appearance is kept up.

Engle said apartment managers like the opportunity to share information about problems they have.

Problem tenants often will jump from property to property, Engle said. Those meetings can help managers learn about issues in other places.

The group has decided to meet every other month to keep the lines of communication open, according to the City of Puyallup.

“It will be more of an informative style,” Engle said.

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