Twins topple challenges on wrestling mat

Preps: Rogers' Troy, Ty Wilson help each other become better athletes

of the HeraldJanuary 22, 2014 

Troy Wilson, left, and Ty Wilson are identical twins who are in the starting lineup for the Rogers High School wrestling team.


Sophomores rarely crack starting lineups in high school wrestling programs. But identical twins Troy and Ty Wilson of Rogers aren’t the type to worry about such challenges.

The Wilsons — Troy competes at 145 pounds and Ty wrestles at 160 — are both starters for the Rams. They’re following in the footsteps of their father.

“We are a big wrestling family,” Ty said. “My dad wrestled for Pacific Lutheran University. We have been wrestling every since we were tiny.

“Growing up, wrestling Troy has helped me so much with my wrestling,” Ty added. “He has always pushed me, and I always wanted to be better than him. It’s helped both of us progress.”

Troy also highlighted the sibling rivalry.

“It was definitely a competition growing up,” he said. “In about seventh or eighth grade, that’s where we had our rough patch of always fighting all the time. Now we have relaxed a little bit and realized that we are both trying to work for the same thing together. We’re more even out there now.”

There were times when the twins weren’t even. Troy suffered a serious medical setback when he was in seventh grade.

“I had a tumor on my leg,” he said. “My leg ended up being two inches smaller around the thigh and 1 1/2 inches smaller on the calf. My weight stayed down because of that while Ty grew normally.

“Now that I have got that fixed, I have basically caught back up to him weight-wise.”

Rogers head coach David Johnston said the Wilsons are a joy to instruct.

“One thing I like about Troy and Ty is, when they come to practice, they’re always having fun,” Johnston said. “Whether it’s drilling or live wrestling, they are always smiling. They really enjoy being on the wrestling mat.”

Ty said he and his brother have always dreamed about wrestling for Rogers. Now it’s become reality.

“We had been going to the Rogers wrestling summer camps for a while, growing up,” Ty said. “We have always been slated to go here. It’s exciting to finally be on the high school mat.”

Troy said the Rams’ wrestling program is like a brotherhood.

“We have some great guys in here,” he said. “It’s awesome. We are really close as a team. You can just feel it.”

Troy added there is no big brother-little brother dynamic, despite being two minutes older than Ty.

“It’s just two minutes,” Troy said. “It’s not that big of a deal. There’s no, ‘Hey, that last piece of cake is mine because I’m older.’ It doesn’t really play that much into it and isn’t a factor.”

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