Marshall to lead Emerald Ridge baseball program

Baseball: Jaguars hire former Pacific Lutheran University coach to take over on the diamond

of the HeraldJanuary 1, 2014 

Larry Marshall, the head coach of the Pacific Lutheran University baseball program from 1984-2002, has been hired to take the lead role for the Emerald Ridge High School baseball team.

Marshall was hired in October. He’ll take over from Tim Spears, who resigned last spring following 14 years and 156 career victories at Emerald Ridge.

“There are tremendous student-athletes who have come through Emerald Ridge over the years,” Marshall said. “All three of my kids went to Emerald Ridge and were athletes. I have always had an association and a real attachment with the school. I have had three or four opportunities over the past two or three years to be the head coach of a high school baseball program at other schools. When I got the interview with Emerald Ridge, I was really excited and knew I wouldn’t pursue any other options.

“This is where I have always wanted to be,” he said. “Baseball is where my passion is.”

Marshall said the Jaguars will focus on the late Frosty Westering guidance of competing against your best self.

“I’m going to run my team like a collegiate program, but at the same time, remember they are high-school students,” Marshall said. “The bottom line is to achieve excellence and allow the players to compare themselves to their best selves. That has always been my philosophy. Winning on the scoreboard will take care of itself and is a byproduct of the drive you show on the field.”

Marshall expects excellence from his players on and off the field.

“The team will understand what our expectations are,” he said. “We will be a disciplined team. They are student-athletes first and foremost.”

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