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Prep Soccer: Steve Aguilar says he's walking into a great situation with Jags

of the HeraldDecember 25, 2013 

Steve Aguilar, a former assistant coach for the Puyallup High School boys and girls soccer programs, was named the head boys soccer coach at Emerald Ridge Jaguars in mid-October.

“The only head-coaching experience I have is with the Ferrucci Junior High School girls soccer program, and we won two league championships,” Aguilar said. “I’m excited about having the chance to run my own high school soccer program. I’m glad this opportunity presented itself.”

Aguilar said being an assistant under Matt White of Puyallup during the past few years has been valuable to his development.

“As his assistant coach, I have learned a lot and have tried to soak everything up like a sponge,” Aguilar said. “Matt’s philosophy, game tactics and leadership style are something to emulate. He has been a great person to work under. I was always learning, and now I plan to put what I learned to use as a head coach.”

Aguilar said he’s walking into a great situation at Emerald Ridge.

“We have a lot of good players coming back and a lot of incoming freshmen coming in,” he said. “My goal as the head coach is to have a great team atmosphere. That is so important. It’s all about trusting the guys next to you on the field. We’re going to be a well-rounded team where everybody is doing their jobs.”

Aguilar strives to produce a cohesive unit rather than individual superstars.

“We’re not going to rely on one key individual,” he said. “We’re going to do it as a complete team. We’re going to have an attacking style of play and will share the ball.”

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