City of Sumner shows appreciation for department staff

The HERALDDecember 18, 2013 

Greg Kongslie, left, and Gary Woldt, are 35-year veterans with the City of Sumner's wastewater treatment facility.


City of Sumner Mayor Dave Enslow made mention this week about employee appreciation among staff at Sumner City Hall.

In addition to an end-of-the year celebration in which city directors cooked breakfast as a thank you to all staff, employees also honored some of their own.

Enslow said the customer service/teamwork award nominated and voted on by all staff went this year to Jeff Jamerson, a member of the city's fleet department. Also, the Vision Award chosen by department directors for the employee who most exemplifies the city's mission, vision and values, went to two employees: Scott Holten in public works and Jeff Steffens in finance.

And on top of awards, two employees hit 35-year milestones this year. Recognition for 35 years of service went to Greg Kongslie and Gary Woldt at the wastewater treatment facility.

"That really says something," Enslow said. "These guys came here before some of our employees were even born. For so many of our staff, working for the City of Sumner is not just a job or a career or a paycheck. This is a huge part of their life, and they are a huge part of the fabric that makes Sumner special.

"When you see an employee, whether a police officer or a finance person at the utility counter, please thank them for their service to all of us. For many, it's a life-long service that spans decades."

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