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of the HeraldDecember 11, 2013 

I’ve covered high school sporting events since September 2005, and during that time, I’ve seen thousands of high school athletes compete in their respective sports.

The majority of high school stars see their sports careers conclude at the high school level. But each year, a sizable number of athletes are blessed enough to be able to continue at the collegiate level.

I attended the Puyallup Vikings’ signing ceremony last week, when seniors Sierra Carrington (soccer), Quinn Rawson (baseball), Tyler McDowell (baseball), Hailey Smoot (soccer) and Marcus Wilson (soccer) were honored for their commitments to college athletic programs. Administrators, teachers, teammates, classmates, family members and friends attended.

Puyallup High School Principal Jason Smith, girls and boys soccer coach Matt White, baseball coach Marc Wiese and football coach Gary Jeffers congratulated each athlete for their accomplishments. Parents snapped pictures and videos with their smartphones to commemorate the great moment in their children’s lives.

It took me back in time.

During my high school days in the late 1990s, signing ceremonies didn’t typically take place for high school athletes. Three of my closest friends were all fortunate enough to play college sports.

Whenever we get together, which doesn’t happen very often, since we are in our early 30s, they always reminisce about their days in their respective college sports.

It’s one of the highlights of their lives.

The future is bright for the five Vikings student-athletes who were honored last week. Each put in countless hours of hard work to get where they are today.

I can’t wait to see how they will perform in their college careers.

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