Puyallup police make three arrests in malicious mischief series

Herald news servicesNovember 27, 2013 

The Puyallup Police Department’s special investigations unit made three arrests earlier this month following a series of window-smashing incidents that occurred Nov. 7-9.

James C. Reynolds, 19, from Puyallup was arrested Nov. 20 and booked into the Pierce County Jail on multiple counts of felony malicious mischief.

Following a citizen-provided tip on Nov. 11 and subsequent video footage of the incidents, the police arrested two others at a Puyallup residence on Nov. 15.

Tyler D. Graham, 24, and Nicole L. Simons, 22, were booked into the Pierce County Jail later that day and arraigned in Pierce County Superior Court on Nov. 18 for multiple counts of felony malicious mischief.

Police determined there were nearly 80 car mirror or window-smashing incidents during the three-night period.

Investigators believe all the suspects have been accounted for and don’t anticipate additional arrests.

On Friday, all three suspects were charged with four counts of second-degree malicious mischief and three counts of third-degree malicious mischief.

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